Friday, October 14, 2011

Removing Kenmore 90 series, model 110 clothes dryer mechanical compartment panel (lower panel located underneath dryer door)

To gain entry inside of your Kenmore Clothes dryer in order to maintain it, you do not need to remove the entire clothes dryer cabinet or completely take your clothes dryer apart for most repairs. 

You can simply remove the mechanical compartment panel of the cabinet from your clothes dryer and gain entry to its inner working components.  This panel of the cabinet is located directly under your dryer's door. Dependent on the repair needed you may not need to remove your clothes dryers entire cabinet.  

How to remove the lower cabinet door (panel) from a Kenmore 90 series, Model 110 clothes dryer.

Using a stiff putty knife insert it approximately 3.5" - 4" from the ends of the bottom cover depressing the locking snaps downwards.  You want to shine a light in the crack and ensure the putty knife blade is above the black snapping apparatus, depress it down and open that end of the cover.  Do the same thing for the other end.  There are only two locking tabs that hold this cabinet's panel in place, one is located on each end 3.5"-4" from the end of the panel.

Just make sure your putty knife has a stiff blade or else it will not provide the rigidity needed to dislodge and depress these locking means downwards. Once again, the knife blade needs to slide in, above these locking mechanisms.  You can easily see this with a flashlight.

There are only two locking mechanisms on this Kenmore heavy duty capacity 90 series clothes dryer bottom cover.  One on each end about 3.5" - 4" from the end of the panel.

Close up view of the locking clips...please excuse the dust.  Just lift the cover right off of the bottom holders.

To replace: slide the panel back onto the lower tabs as seen in the photo and snap the upper portion into position. You do not need any tools to reinstall this cabinet panel cover.

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